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ABOUT Kind Chemical

Fueling The Future

Kind Chemical is a global chemical trading company based near Houston, Texas. Our family started this business with the intention of creating not only a competitive and highly reliable chemical trading company but also to enact some change within the business landscape itself. Here at Kind Chemical, we don’t throw around the words





simply as marketing tools: These words are the lifeblood of our company and we will respect and honor these values in the same way we do with our personal family members.

Powering Progress

My wife often says that we need to love our family and friends “lumps and all”, meaning that we win and lose together, but we grow stronger together as a result. Caring about one another and being respectful are sometimes in short supply nowadays and we intend to change that. You can come to Kind Chemical for our products, pricing and customer service, but you’ll want to stay with us for our integrity, transparency, and genuine commitment to helping strengthen your company and its supply chain.

Always remember: It never hurts to be KIND.